VRIL Blitz Sunwheel


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180 g/qm – 100% cotton, ringspun, shoulder-to-shoulder nackband, fine fabric -“Set-In” sleeves.
Hight quality screenprint with additional brighter to highlight used overlay colors.

Original design by Robert N. Taylor, artist, painter and front man of the NeoFolk Band “Changes”.

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Es ist mir eine besondere Ehre euch dieses Motiv anbieten zu können und gleichzeitig ein Vorstoß in ein neues Gebiet in der gewohnten Projekt Nordmark Landschaft.

I proudly can say that this is a real honor to present this design to you! With the same we approach into a new segment, different to usual Projekt Nordmark designs

VRIL Sol Invictus – design by Robert N. Taylor

For the first time we decided to publish a design and idea of another artist and show our respect to him and due him tribute.

The original design is made by Robert N. Taylor, the great front man of „Changes”, a neofolk group from US with far-reaching, worldwide history of publications and releases. You can find out more about this great artist in the new artists section, which hopefully can be filled with many artists like him in the future.

Background of this design

The original design, as said before, was painted by Robert on canvas and is a personal property of an another gifted artist and collector of art as well as a valued friend. Also located in the USA.

The strong expression of this painting has fascinated me from the beginning on. Getting in touch with Robert I got his fast approval and we agreed that I\’d use his painting as basic for the further design for Projekt Nordmark.
The basic energy and composition of the painting merged with clear, complementing lines and the metamorphosis of 24 VRIL symbols in the center of the design which itself reads as a Sol Invictus.

The energies of the original painting and the expression of the further creation process and added designs were coherent from the beginning. Robert has accepted the adaption without hesitations. In this process of creation we have been definitely on the same wavelength.

Thank you Robert N. Taylor to have this honor to work and create with you.

Haunebu arise!

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