Neuschwabenland Korps


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185 g/qm, 100 % ringspun Jersey-BW (preshrunk, double-laid neckband with Elasthan, neck band)

Detailed high quality silkscreen printing with separate bright layer for brighter colors on higher layers.

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The Antarctica, wide planes, deserts of ice, narrow to the proud ice shelf which ranks up to 1000 meters into the heights. There, in this place is Neuschwabenland, named after the German vessel which was used for the expedition to claim the new found land for the fatherland.

German Antarctica Expedition 1938/39

The named expedition was more effective than expected: the magnetic characteristics have been researched but also the wide spread mountains of ice as described in the article above.
It is necessary to say that the land was not explored nor claimed at this moment! The German named this land “Neuschwabenland” and claimed it regularly. After the German expedition the Norwegian followed the same path and claimed this land unlawfully as their own. Until these days this land is under their government.
Many years shall to pass until the first claim got defended.
Neuschwabenland is one of the most interesting regions of our world: a region between glaciers with a height of 2000 and 3000 meters, wide lakes which are covered by permafrost since hundreds of thousands of years but also lakes which remain without their ice covering during the summer time of Neuschwabenland.

2041 – Neuschwabenland without ice and the new center of the world

After the big struggle of the past, the global change, the interests of the free men changed and they have been looking for a new place to live. The region in and around Neuschwabenland became very important for the new world.
After the first hesitation of the countries, who declared the whole region to be a free zone without any personal claims, Neuschwabenland was claimed by Germany again, over hundred years after the first claim, without any fighting.
Even if Germany held the government over it, every country in the world was allowed to have free trading and travel to it as long as the rules and laws were followed be them.
In fact it did not took long to start the people to call it “Neu-Danzig” = “New-Danzig”, a historical German town which was already covered by water and mud, a town at the Baltic See of the past.

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