Heute Mars, Morgen Aldebaran!

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185 g/qm, 100 % ringspun Jersey-BW (preshrunk, double-laid neckband with Elasthan, neck band)

Detailed high quality silkscreen printing with separate bright layer for brighter colors on higher layers.

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VRIL, the constellation Andromeda! A strong and powerful Haunebu fleet. Transported in a gigantic Andromeda device the fleet takes its way back to the origins.
The Aldebaran is ca. 65 lights years away from earth. To get to this planet it was necessary to install a station on the back of the moon before an expedition to Mars would even be possible.
The conquest of Mars is of highest priority and a factor of success and failure of the Projekt Nordmark! From the Mars station there is only a jump over to the next planets to make terraforming there if possible and make them inhabitable.
To achieve these targets its necessary to process a high risk engineering on them. The process contains the correction of their own rotation and climatic changes  before it can even be called inhabitable. Even a planet without life can be populated using origin sources of planets like Earth to grow plants and create life as long as the planet itself meets some basic behaviors and classes.

Aldebaran, mystical origin and target of the main mission

As told Aldebaran has a distance of 65 light years to earth and counts as the very origin of the species who made the Earth inhabitable. Some people say, that this place is the home of the gods. Gods which survived in our religions and mythologies.
Since we share the same blood like they it makes us to demigods in their heritage.

Aldebaran, the name, has its origin in the Arabic and means something like “the follower”. Aldebaran ist in the middle of the Taurus Constellation and is also often called as “The Heart of Taurus”, “Cor Tauri”.

VRIL adherents claim, that thru channeling and meditation the early information how to build the Haunebu aircraft and use the power of VRIL was transmitted from Aldebaran. A cult still living and with many followers.

Using VRIL and Haunebu the stars are only one jump away from earth and can be reached very fast.
The Haunebu Fleet is the raiding patrol to the stars! Haunebu arise!

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