Haunebu III – “Es blitzt!”

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185 g/qm, 100 % ringspun Jersey-BW (preshrunk, double-laid neckband with Elasthan, neck band)

Detailed high quality silkscreen printing with separate bright layer for brighter colors on higher layers.

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Light is everything, thunder struck is pure energy, focused light and a powerful finger pointing of mother nature.
In this theme, “Haunebu III – Flashing”, I\’ve expressed my personal fascination for the thunderstorms. Such storms held me fascinated since the back days I can remember.
As a child I used to look out of the windows when a thunderstruck, one after another, was raging thru the dark sky down to the earth. The bigger the bang and struck, the bigger my fascination.
My father said to me that he was told as an child not to watch and observe the forces of nature. The person who was watching their rage would die thru them. Many storms and many years passed but I still use to live.

Just imagine the inspiration you get when walking thru a warm summer rain accompanied by rolling thunders and watch the forces of nature “doing their job”.

Such an inspiration was it to design a Haunebu III theme which needed to be different to the usual and strict designs. I did not try to control it but allowed it to develop itself and leave it also rough at the end.
Against the usual choice of strict vector based this theme “flows” and the colors find their way into the mind.
In this design you see each stroke of the virtual brush, every step is documented so you\’re able to follow the complete process of creation-

Haunebu III – still flashing!

The printing company did a great job. The usual quality of our partner transferred this virtual art to a blank, black shirt and banned it there! I was so excited when I saw the expression of the colors of the printing itself, supported thru an extra bright layer to support them at the end.

Thank to all of you who motivated me to create this Haunebu III theme and supported me financially be pre.ordering this printing as well as your comments to it.

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