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Lettering and ornaments use a silver thread.

Size: 7,5×7,5cm
Form: round-cut

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We’ve been asked very often why we have less Neuschwabenland themes and designs in the Projekt Nordmark Shop.
It’s right, the Haunebu themes are dominating the site content.
Just to say, I’ve many designs on my hard disk which have not been released, yet. Many of them are Neuschwabenland motifs.

Neuschwabenland Patch

Beside the existing Neuschwabenland designs on my HD I decided to create something complete new for this patch. After many changes I discarded many of the drafts and picked the existing design with the penguin.
The patch should look and feel like a real historical patch, something similar to the real existing Neuschwabenland patch.
I hope you have at least the same fun with it as I had during the design process.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 cm


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